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The Gathering Ireland 2013 Survey

The client challenge was to design a survey type application to facilitate and capture feedback from the Gathering event organisers throughout Ireland. The content editors could then review the data that was submitted and add extra tagging to make searching and filtering the feedback easier. The online system allowed real-time analysis of the returning data and the generation of reports by those with log-in permission. 

Project Details

All the organisers of Gathering Events throughout Ireland were asked to give feedback to The Gathering Team on how well their event went (or otherwise) and on the estimated attendances of overseas and Ireland-based visitors

They were invited to do this by completing a 2 Minute Survey. It was very important feedback and gave valuable insights into the nature and impact of these events. Our system made it easy to manage the collection and the analysis process.



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Thanks to their creativity and willingness to think through our business requirements, our web design is not just a standard out of the box compromise, but is entirely to our own specification. And it really works for us!

- Marian Lawlor


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